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Art in public space



For this project, sculptor Alexia Weill imagines the creation of an original artistic concept integrating the environment and pedagogy where the artistic installation AGORART echoes the green projects of the new neighborhoods (apiaries, collective orchards and pond). The work is conceptualized in 3 parts, 3 sculptures in 3 materials: stone, wood and recycled ecological marine cement with neutral pH. Each work is augmented by virtual reality. The principle of augmented reality (AR) is to insert 2D or 3D synthetic images onto images of the real world in real time. Synthetic images are superimposed on real-world images using a smartphone camera. Each sculpture and its augmented reality via its materials is directly associated with a fun, educational and participatory project set up with the College, the Municipality and the residents of the City.


AGORATREE The wooden circle is made of oak with a structure representing a succession of leaves. Its sometimes smooth, sometimes raw structure is the symbol of the link between nature in its raw state and the hand of humans who can participate in reforestation and its maintenance. The work will have a contemporary appearance through its structure and integrates into the surrounding environment with the trees in nature in the background.



The wooden circle is augmented by flying leaves and branches growing around the circle, accompanied by sound animation. These leaves and branches represent the cycle of plant life and renewal. This AR is fun and is conceptualized to be in harmony with the imaginary world of children. AR allows you to take a photo next to the augmented work with a smartphone.

EDUCATIONAL PROJECT The AGORARBRE circle is associated with a young oak tree planted very close to the school and inaugurated at the same time as it. The Agorarbre Oak planting site is a peaceful place that allows children and residents to recharge their batteries. Children will be able to study its transformation throughout the seasons.

AGORABEE The limestone circle represents the organic cells of an apiary. The artist imagined them in circular movement. The structure of the worked stone, sometimes smooth, sometimes raw, makes it possible to bring out different colors in the stone. On the other side, the raw and polished strips represent the dress of the bees.


AR AUGMENTED WORK The stone circle is augmented by bees that appear to circle and fly around the circle, accompanied by sound animation. This fun AR is conceptualized for children, the bees are not realistic but like something out of a cartoon. AR allows you to take a photo next to the augmented work with a smartphone.


EDUCATIONAL PROJECT The Agorabee circle gave birth to an educational project directly linked to Agora College with the installation of an educational apiary on the site. This privatized and secure structure is accessible only by those responsible for the apiary and open to children and residents of the Municipality during the organization of educational presentations. Bees and other pollinators play an essential role in maintaining the health of people and the planet. Pollinators directly contribute to food security. Nearly three-quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world's food need this external help.

AGORAQUA The ecological marine cement circle is made from a life-size plaster model by the artist Alexia Weill. The casting and printing of the work were carried out in partnership with the Marseille Underwater Museum, the production was supervised by the artist Alexia Weill. The stone, with its original wave shapes, evokes the aquatic world. The work with its contemporary aspect represents waves in circular motion.


AR AUGMENTED WORK The eco-friendly marine cement circle is augmented by fish and algae that appear to move with the circle, accompanied by sound animation. This fun AR is conceptualized for children. AR allows you to take a photo next to the augmented work with a smartphone.


EDUCATIONAL PROJECT The Aquagora eco-friendly marine cement twin circle will be an artistically shaped artificial reef identical to the one installed in the Agora College courtyard. It will be located in a new artificial pond specially created around the work, in an underwater environment dedicated to art, underwater biodiversity and environmental protection. The installed work will allow monitoring of the biosphere with local stakeholders and the scientific community, it will be an educational mediation tool for the younger generation to raise awareness of the conservation of the freshwater ecosystem.

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draw me a sheap

Artistic roundabout created by Alexia Weill with 7 Ticino marble sheep.

Draw me 7 sheep was inspired by the bucolic universe of the town of Saint-Légier-La-Chiésaz that the artist Alexia Weill embarked on the creation of this poetic work which now adorns the Boulingrins roundabout referring to the wonderful tale of the Little Prince, a poetic parenthesis offered to everyone who reminds us with happiness and nostalgia of the cherished period of childhood.



AW Giratoire des Boulingrins 1.jpg


Arvel stone vegetable woman silhouette.


Commissioned by the City to the sculptor Alexia Weill for the creation of the new medieval garden and to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the City. this feminine creation is inspired by the dreamlike world of garden fairies.



circles of the origins

Monumental sculpture in white marble created by Alexia Weill representing all the elements of the creation.


This sculpture was exhibited first in Montreux during the Montreux Biennale and then in Villeneuve fore more than four years.

AW _Cercle Originels Villeneuve_Villeneuve.jpg

angel wings

A sculpture by Alexia Weill in tribute to Lydia Opienska-Barblan in the garden Marie de Seigneux.


The tribute to Lydia Opienska-Barblan is a double opportunity for the Municipality to honor women in the public space. The authorities have inaugurated on August 13, 2022 at 10 a.m. a work dedicated to the career of Lydia Opienska-Barblan, entitled “Angel Wings” and created by the sculptor Alexia Weill.The sculpture has been installed in the garden Marie de Seigneux, now the official name of the recently renovated park.

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Abstract monolith in marble representing a man's head and his conscious gaze relates to its environment.


Archétype installed on the bank of the Grande-Eau, was raised in the presence of the artist and a strong municipal delegation and Jean-Marc Crousaz sponsor of the acquisition.


Capture d’écran 2022-08-23 à 15.08.46.png

the wave

Monumental sculpture in marble was created by Alexia Weill tribute to Camille Claudel.


This sculpture was exhibited on Leman Lake during the Montreux Biennale and was acquired by Patrick Delarive. It is now visible to the public in the old mechanical construction workshops in Vevey, at the Inox Hall.


La Vague. Alexia Weilljpg.jpg
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